Offseason Moves That Make Sense for the Nashville Predators

Although the 2020-2021 NHL season is still up in the air because of COVID restrictions, the Nashville Predators have some offseason moves they need to make. They exited early from this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs after expecting a deep run at the championship. With the season over, some glaring gaps need to get filled if […]

What Are the Tallest Buildings in Nashville?

The Nashville skyline is one of the most beautiful that you’ll find in the United States. Although it doesn’t have the iconic towers that you’ll find in Manhattan, Chicago, or Los Angeles, the city holds its own with some of the tallest buildings in the region. As of February 2020, over 140 complete high-rise buildings […]

Have a Laugh at These Open Mic Comedy Clubs in Nashville

After all of the stress and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it feels good to unwind and relax at one of Nashville’s best comedy clubs. The open mic nights provide some unexpected laughs from the region’s up-and-coming talent. Although some clubs may be temporarily closed because of the state’s current set of circumstances, these are the best […]

What Is Jimmy Hoffa’s Connection to Nashville?

After watching “The Irishman,” many people were surprised to learn that Jimmy Hoffa had connections outside of Chicago. Some of his most crucial legal moments happened in Nashville. Hoffa’s ties to Tennessee date to 1950, when he sent Don Vestal to head up the local chapter of the Teamsters in Nashville. While Congress investigated labor […]