A Look Back at the Nashville Bombing

Although Nashville isn’t what you’d call a quiet city, Christmas morning in 2020 changed everything for many families.

Some people in the downtown area woke up to the sound of gunshots outside of their building. When they investigated what was happening, they discovered an RV with prerecorded sounds and an ominous warning that told them to leave.

Some residents were like Joe Fischer, who decided to go back to bed. Others chose to leave immediately.

When the bomb did go off, at least 45 businesses were damaged in the blast.

Police Were Alerted a Year in Advance to a Potential Bomb

As the investigation into the Nashville bombing dug deeper, they discovered a phone call that the bomber’s girlfriend made to the authorities in August 2019.

She told police at the time that she was concerned her boyfriend was making bombs in his RV.

Although law enforcement said that they did all they could at the time, it is also clear that the bomber didn’t stay on the radar of officials in the city.

Two buildings were discovered to be beyond repair after conducting a structural analysis in the area. Seven were not safe for occupancy, while three others had falling glass concerns in the weeks after the blast.

Businesses Say That They’ve Been Ignored

The problem that the Second Avenue businesses face with the bombing is that it could be declared a terrorist act. In that situation, most insurance companies won’t pay for the damages that happen to a company’s assets.

Many of the buildings continue to have holes in their walls. Some customers text the businesses about placing to-go orders or trying to make holiday reservations.

We must not let Second Avenue suffer from the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality that befalls businesses in these circumstances. If you’re in the Nashville area, see what you can do to support these owners!