Acme Farm Supply Building History

Nashville’s Acme Farm Supply building is an iconic destination in the city. It has been a music venue and restaurant since 2014, but it originally served the community as a grocery store. You can find it on the corner of First and Broadway downtown, right off the Cumberland River.

The structure was built in 1890 to be a three-story building by J.R. Whitemore. The Cummins brothers were the first tenants, renting the place for their grocery store the same year it was finished.

Over the years, it has also housed a soda works business, a baking powder company, and a flour company.

It Used to Have a Wooden Elevator

One of the unique aspects of the Acme Farm Supply building was its wooden elevator. In 1913, the Bearden Buggy Co. set up shop there, installing the infrastructure change to accommodate moving the buggies between floors.

It would become Acme Feed and Hatchery’s home in 1943, which would eventually become Acme Farm Supply in 1965.

The farm store was owned and operated by Currey Turner, who was from the Nashville area. If you were in the city during those years, you could see Grand Ole Opry commercials with Turner’s pet calf Beautena on your screen.

Turner’s son bought the building in 1980. It would continue to operate as Acme Farm Supply until 1999. The family trust still owns the property.

The Building Sat Vacant for 13 Years

Although the Turner family had the Acme Farm Supply building up for rent in 2000, it wouldn’t be until 2013 when a new tenant would try the location. Tom Morales and several others, including singer Alan Jackson, leased the building to create a bar, restaurant, and music venue.

It continues to operate under the name of Acme Feed and Seed today.

The building has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1998.