Best Nashville Murals to Find

The different music venues and honky-tonks should always be on your to-do list when you visit Nashville. These iconic landmarks help define the city’s character while offering a great time.

When you’re looking for a fun opportunity that’s a bit off-the-grid, why not visit some of Nashville’s most impressive murals

Some are created by local artists, while others with international recognition have come to the city to express themselves. You can find them on the side of different shops, restaurants, and other buildings.

You can even find murals on old silos!

List of the Best Murals in Nashville Today

1. 12South

One of the best collections of murals in Nashville is found here. Some are relatively small, while others stretch out to cover the entire wall. Everyone has a favorite, ranging from one called “Just a Few Gents” to another that says, “Make Music, Not War.”

About a dozen different murals are out there to see when visiting this part of Nashville.

2. Belmont and Hillsboro

Hillsboro Village offers two expressive murals that you’ll enjoy seeing with a visit to the city. Both are colorful, modern, and speak of the personality in the area. 

3. Eighth and Melrose

The Galactic Gardens murals are a favorite one in Nashville to find, but there’s another one that says, “Life can be Sweet.” You’ll have fun hunting them down if you’re in the neighborhood.

4. The Charlotte Corridor

When visiting this iconic spot for murals in Nashville, you’ll find some of the city’s most creative works. The Scribbles mural at 3020 Charlotte Ave is one of the most unique. 

You can find art and culture throughout Nashville. Where do you plan to stop first?