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Best Parks in the Nashville Area

When you visit Nashville, the city offers numerous opportunities to explore outside. Although numerous parks are in the area, you’ll find that a few stand out from the rest.

These are the parks you’ll want to visit in Nashville when visiting the area.

List of the Best Parks Found in Nashville

1. Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

You can find this state park in downtown Nashville. You’re close to the honky tonks and the capitol building while having plenty of green space to explore. The fountains you’ll find here represent the state’s rivers, and there are lots of festivals, activities, and music to discover throughout the year.

2. Sevier Park

This park might be small, but it is a fun spot in a growing neighborhood to visit. There’s a small playground with a creek on this 20-acre plot, and all the fun takes place below Sunnyside Mansion, which predates the Civil War. Once everyone gets hungry, you can stop by the Burger Up or Las Palatas for a quick bite.

3. Centennial Park

Located in the middle of the city, you’ll visit this Nashville park if you want to see the Parthenon replica. It’s the perfect place to take a stroll on a sunny day, and several activities and events are held there throughout the year. Bring a Frisbee, take a picnic lunch, or just enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

4. Cumberland Park

Although it is only 6.5 acres, the location along the eastern shores of the Cumberland River makes it a go-to park in Nashville. You’ll find lots of water features, a green space for games, and a rock-climbing wall to enjoy. Several paved paths run through the area, allowing you to stretch your legs while enjoying the sights.

The best parks in the Nashville area let you enjoy some of the best relaxation opportunities in the city. If you’re ready to start exploring, these destinations should be the first ones on your agenda!