Essential Items for Health While Visiting Nashville Hot Spots

One of the best ways to combat the coronavirus is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That means you’ll want to exercise daily, eat healthy foods, and take your vitamins and supplements.

Products from brands like Enzymedica, Host Defense, and Douglas Labs can provide the foundation needed to tour many of Nashville’s best destinations safely during the pandemic.

Keeping up with your health is only the start of what you need to stay healthy. You’ll want to have these essential items around to ensure your safety.

1. Nashville’s Mask Mandate

Mayor John Cooper initiated a mask mandate to prevent COVID numbers from skyrocketing within the city. Before making this declaration, about 20% of the coronavirus deaths in Tennessee came from the city. 

Since Tennessee is identified as a “red zone” state, Nashville remains in a modified Phase Two stage. That means the city needs to get to below 100 new cases daily.

2. Social Distancing Mandate

Dr. Alex Jahangir is the chair of the Metro Coronavirus Task Force. He recommends keeping groups to under 25 individuals until the coronavirus numbers drop. Attending anniversaries or birthday parties may contribute to spreading events. He says that anyone who tests positive should reach out to the people they know to prevent ongoing infections.

3. Sharing Restrictions and Mandates

If you do socialize at some of Nashville’s best spots, don’t share your food with others. It would be best if you had your own utensils, dishware, cups, and condiments. Jahangir says that the virus tends to spread the most when people let down their guard.

4. COVID Testing Mandates

Nashville has three COVID-19 assessment centers operating right now to provide testing capabilities for anyone with symptoms. If contact tracers get in touch with you about a possible exposure, you can visit these facilities. They’re at the Nissan Stadium Lot, Meharry Medical College, and the former Kmart on Murfreesboro.

If you have any questions, contact the public health hotline at (615) 862-7777.