Fun Activities for Couples in Nashville

Nashville is one of the world’s best cities for having a date night. It might not have the same romanticism as Paris or the entertainment venues of New York City, but the Grand Ole Opry and the honky-tonks provide plenty of charm.

If you want to kick up the fun for a night in Nashville outside of the typical tourist areas, here are some suggestions to consider.

An Evening at City Winery

Most folks come here to get a meal and enjoy a show, but that’s not the only reason to stop by City Winery for the evening. There is an entire winemaking operation on the grounds, providing virtual tastings of three house-made varieties and unique add-ons, such as cheese or truffles.

Take a Carriage Ride

You can snuggle with your partner under a blanket while enjoying a chilly evening seeing Nashville’s best sites. If you work with Sugar Creek Carriages, you can get narrated rides that talk about the history and charm of the city. There’s even a Cinderella option for the times when you prefer to be the center of attention.

Visit the Frist Art Museum

With over 75 paintings, sculptures, and paper works, this museum’s exhibition called “Picasso Figures” is the only American appearance of these items. It’s the perfect place for quiet contemplation and some adult conversation.

Get the Chambong Special

You’ll need to visit the Marsh House at the Thompson Hotel to enjoy this fun Nashville activity for couples. This special is a “device” that funnels Champagne down your throat quickly so that you can focus on other flavors. There’s an oyster special with it, or you can try other seafood options for a fulfilling experience.

Make Something Sweet at the Goo Goo Shop

This iconic cluster candy brings visitors from around the world. When you take the cooking classes at this business, you can learn how to make your own. If you take an evening class, wine pairings are sometimes included.

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a couple when visiting Nashville or spending a night together in your hometown?