Fun Things to Do in Nashville 5th and Broadway

Nashville has been nicknamed “Music City” because it happens to be amongst the most reputed music hubs on the planet. Here, you will have a wonderful time with all the clubs, bars, music studios, and concert halls thronging the streets. Let us see the enjoyable things to do in Broadway and Nashville 5th.

1. Broadway

Broadway is a place where you will come across clubs, bars, shopping centers, salons, and eateries. This happens to be the core of Nashville’s city center. Broadway is a famous tourist destination in Nashville. It will be possible to enjoy sightseeing, dining, and shopping right here to the fullest. Moreover, Broadway becomes something else after dark. In fact, it is full of music and enjoyment everywhere. Do not forget to put on your dancing shoes while you’re here!

2. Tennessee State Museum

This particular museum has been designed to enliven history. It features a “Tennessee Time Tunnel” that chronicles the rich history of the state. There is likewise a top-notch digital learning center, 6 rotating galleries, a children’s gallery, as well as a Grand Hall. Exhibitions are held here as well. And it will be possible for the visitors to enter the museum for free.

3. Nashville Food Adventures

Here, you will have the opportunity of sampling some scrumptious dishes which will be fun as well. There are several tours right here including Just Desserts Tour, East Nashville Food Hop, BBQ Pit Stop, Food Truck Tour, as well as Global Eats international foods tour. It will be a good idea to book a private tour in advance before reaching Nashville.