How Coronavirus Cases Have Been Reported in Nashville

Nashville reports its total coronavirus cases to the state, following the same system you’ll find throughout the United States for COVID health concerns.

The information might reflect a 24-hour delay, especially when looking at the total hospitalizations count. Since this data is dynamic and changes frequently, the goal is to reflect the total patient number as accurately as possible.

These reporting efforts take a look at actual COVID cases with real-time numbers. You can check on Nashville’s current levels or where you live in Tennessee by using the state’s reporting tool.

How Bad Is COVID-19 in Nashville

Although the first doses of a COVID vaccine reached Tennessee in early December, that initial batch only contained 16,000 shots. Since most manufacturers are using a two-dose methodology to provide protection against the coronavirus, that means the people who got their first vaccination in that batch have a priority for the next set of shipments.

As with most states during the winter of 2020, Tennessee and Nashville saw dramatic surges in coronavirus transmissions. With people staying inside more and celebrating the holidays, the health department was recording almost 9,000 cases per day and over 100 deaths.

The positive rate for those with symptoms also reached a record high of over 21% in the region during the winter months.

Nashville and Davidson County are responsible for about 10% of the state’s overall COVID cases and hospitalizations.

Health officials say that at least 10% of Nashvillians had the virus around the Christmas holiday, with local hospitals even turning down patients because there isn’t enough space to treat everyone.

Until the city’s healthcare workers, long-term care facility staff and residents, and first responders receive the vaccines, no one else will get inoculated to prevent COVID infections. That means simple steps, such as social distancing and wearing a facial covering, are still likely necessary for at least the first half of 2021.