How to Continue Supporting Nashville’s Tornado Relief Efforts

When it seemed like COVID-19 was going to make life different forever for Nashville families, Mother Nature decided to have a say in the matter. Tornadoes touched down in March with staggering strength. The storms offered winds of up to 175 MPH that devastated homes and businesses in the area.

Cookeville took the brunt of the damage, experiencing devastation that looked like it came from a war movie. A total of 25 people lost their lives in this powerful storm.

Although the world moved on with more coronavirus stories, being Nashville Strong means continuing to support the tornado relief efforts. Here’s what you can do to keep making a positive impact in the lives of others.

You Can Donate Goods to Charitable Organizations 

Several charities continue to distribute needed goods to impacted families throughout the Nashville area.

The Community Resource Center on Omohundro continues to accept whatever donations you can offer. If you can’t get there, then any Frothy Monkey location in the city accepts items that will go to the center.

Second Harvest Food Bank accepts donations for hungry families at all Kroger locations or their distribution center on Great Circle Road.

Airbnb is using its Open Homes Program to give owners a chance to help families who got displaced by the storm.

Project 615 sells merchandise and donates a portion of the proceeds to those in need.

You can also support the American Red Cross with food, water, blankets, and clean towels.

You Can Donate Money to These Reputable Charities

When supporting Nashville’s tornado victims with monetary help, it is essential to review the charity to ensure your cash goes to those in need.

The Music City Inc. Foundation accepts donations that get immediately distributed to families impacted by the storm. The effort began with an initial $10,000 donation. The Grand Ole Opry is working to collect funds from audiences and visitors during regular business hours.

You can donate money to the United Way of Greater Nashville to fund long-term disaster relief efforts in the city. The Red Cross and the Salvation Army are also collecting donations for their relief efforts.

MusiCares is the charitable branch of the Recording Academy. They’re matching up to $20,000 in donations to help victims of the storm.

When Nashville comes together to help those in need, then there is nothing that can hold the city back. Whether you can give a little or a lot, every contribution matters more than you realize.