Parks in Nashville for Trying Yoga

If you’ve always wanted to try outdoor yoga, Nashville is a great city that delivers numerous opportunities to get active.

When you visit these parks, you’ll find the right space to go through your routine. Group classes are available in some locations, as are meet-ups for something more informal.

Don’t forget about taking your DesBio before attempting your positions to ensure your body is ready for the workout!

1. Cumberland Park

You’ll find this green space on the eastern side of the river. It’s been renovated to become a go-to attraction with lots of features, including rock climbing walls and an outdoor amphitheater. Several open spaces with some trees for shade support are there for yoga. 

2. Shelby Bottoms

With over 1,200 acres available, you’ll find some open lawn areas for your yoga activities. While you’re there, consider visiting the nature center or bringing your furry friend to the off-leash dog park. You’ve got golf, fishing, and boating to enjoy after, while the paved trails are perfect for cycling.

3. Radnor Lake

If you want to practice yoga with wildlife around, this Nashville park is the best place to go. It’s quiet and peaceful, with several areas facing the lake to deliver a tranquil experience. You’ll find a lovely spot to escape from the world’s stress for a while. 

4. Centennial Park

When you don’t want to leave the city, this beautiful urban park offers plenty of hidden spots for a personal yoga routine. It’s where you’ll find the Parthenon, and most weekends, there is something fun to do after your exercise.

Nashville provides many quiet spots to enjoy yoga. Although these parks are the best options, every green space offers the opportunity to focus on your physical and mental health.