Rankings for the Best Distillery in Nashville, TN

Country music might be Nashville’s life, but it is the distillery culture that gives people energy. When you love talking, learning about, or drinking liquor, the city has several destinations that you need to visit during your stay.

1. Jack Daniel Distillery

It may not technically be in Nashville (it’s in Lynchburg), but you cannot ignore the change to tour this distillery. Several options are available, with each one providing a unique experience. One of the most popular options is the Flight Tour, offering five adult beverage samples.

2. Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery

Charles Nelson originally founded his distillery in the 1800s. His family has resurrected the business several generations later, rebuilding their great-great-great-grandfather’s empire. You can walk through the production floor, get some samples, and see the company’s origins.

3. George A. Dickel

This option is in Tullahoma, started in 1958 (officially) when Prohibition was gone. It follows more of the Scottish traditions, using charcoal filtration and chilling before getting processed. Guests under 21 don’t get to taste the results, but they also get to take the tour for free.

4. Corsair Distillery

This distillery offers two Nashville locations to consider. If you visit the company’s headquarters, you’ll find the full line of spirits available. It also lets you take a trip through the barrel house. At the other location, you’ll get to sample beer cocktails with experimental flavors for the whiskey.

5. Nashville Craft Distillery

Opening in 2016, this distillery quickly became one of the region’s favorite whiskey products. You can also taste other craft spirits during the Tuesday-Sunday tours at the facility. Your entry fee gets you three samples, with more available if you need to try something again. One of their most popular products is Naked Biscuit, which is a sorghum spirit with incredible depth and complexity.

Additional tours are available at these honorable mentions: Prichard’s Distillery, Yazoo Brewing Company, H Clark Distillery, and Short Mountain Distillery.