Scariest Haunted Houses in Nashville

You know Halloween is coming when the haunted houses start popping up all over Nashville. When you’re ready to have a great scare, make sure that you’ve taken your Enzymedica and Standard Process products first to be prepared for it.

Once you’re prepared, these spots are the best ones that you’ll find in the city. 

Where Are the Best Haunted Houses in Nashville?

1. Slaughterhouse

This wonderful, haunted house is in an old theater multiplex. Dancers and a DJ entertain while you wait to explore five separate spaces filled with spookiness. The theme involves some of your favorite Hollywood classics, and tattoo artists are available if you want to commemorate the event. Don’t forget about dinner and a movie at the “sin-ema.”

2. Nashville Nightmare

This attraction offers six different choices in a massive complex on the north side. You can also find mini escape games, a midway, and ax-throwing classes. You never know what you’ll need to protect yourself from those demons!

3. Haunted Hell

You can find this haunted house in Antioch. The line is worth the wait to experience it because numerous actors run all over the property. You’ll find a maze to navigate, a disorientation room, and plenty of jump scares throughout the experience. 

4. Devil’s Dungeon

Located right across the Cumberland, this haunted house is one of Nashville’s oldest and most-loved Halloween treasures. It offers over 20,000 square feet of dark, creepy hallways to enjoy. Costumed performers try to make you yell the entire time you’re there. Adding $10 for the speed pass is worth the investment.

What are some of your favorite haunted house experiences that you’ve enjoyed in previous years?