These Nashville Bike Trails Are Among the Best

Spending time outside is one of the best ways to stay active. Cycling is among the best ways to stay social, get some exercise, and see all of the sights of the area, including some challenging mountainous terrain!

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When you have a bicycle in the Nashville area, there is magic that is about to happen. The best Nashville bike trails can take you to some of the city’s more beautiful sights!

List of the Best Nashville Bike Trails to Explore

1. Richland Creek Greenway

You can follow this 5-mile trail around McCabe Golf Course, which is one of the best places to hit the links in town. You can connect to the city’s shopping spots, find a fun eatery to try, or grab a beer at one of the barbecue joints when you need to rest.

2. Belmont Boulevard

The sidewalks are the perfect bike trail in Nashville for those who want to see the most beautiful homes in the city. Start your day at Belmont University. Wander at your preferred pace until you reach Martin’s BBQ joint before going back in the opposite direction. You can also take a quick side trip down Kirkwood to see Sevier Park.

3. Harpeth River Greenway

This paved cycling path runs along the two rivers to give you a quiet respite from the city’s noise. Plenty of places are available to stop and enjoy the view, so make a day of it! Bring a picnic lunch, share a laugh, and take advantage of the sunshine.

4. Peeler Park Greenway

It might be less than two miles long, but this bike trail provides you with some of the best scenery in Nashville. You’ve got open fields, forests, and farmland opening up before you. Part of your journey takes you along the Cumberland River for a leisurely ride.

5. Percy Warner Park Loop

Anyone wanting a challenge is going to think this option is one of the best Nashville bike trails. It is an 11-mile paved loop filled with steep climbs. There is enough shade to keep you fresh while your muscles feel the burn!

The best Nashville bike trails let you see the city, get some exercise, and enjoy some good company. Where will you start your journey?