These Paragliding Tennessee Tours Offer a New Perspective

Paragliding Tennessee tours are a fun way to see the state from an entirely fresh perspective. You’ll see amazing scenery, like green mountains, stunning valleys, and cities that offer a warm welcome to one and all. When you are flying in the skies, then the freedom you experience is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. 

You don’t need any experience to enjoy a paragliding Tennessee tour. As long as you’re willing to brave something new, then you’ll find this investment is worth the price of admission! Tandem tours ensure that a certified, licensed instructor accompanies you during this fun activity.

These are the providers you’ll want to consider using. 

Best Paragliding Tennessee Tours to Book Today

1. Lookout Mountain Flight Park

You can find this operator in the Tennessee Valley, providing individual and tandem paragliding experiences. Everything that you need to have an enjoyable experience fits into a backpack that can weigh as little as 25 pounds. The lightweight kits are perfect for those who want to experience this fun activity for the first time. Instructor courses are also available for anyone interested in pursuing a pilot’s license during their stay. 

2. Flying Camp Paragliding

It has never been easier to learn how to paraglide when you choose this Tennessee provider. You can enroll in basic, intermediate, or advanced instructional courses during your stay to develop your skills. Tandem flights allow you to enjoy a stunning view while flying with a certified paragliding instructor. It’s just a short drive from Chattanooga and minutes from Lookout Mountain

3. Dunlap Flying Camp

You’ll see the green fields stretch out before you with this paragliding Tennessee tour. You’ll be in the air for a couple of hours near Dunlap with this provider. On a clear day, you can see Chickamauga Lake in the distance as you fly over the Cherokee National Forest. Then finish off the perfect day by visiting the highly-rated The Cookie Jar for a tasty treat.

4. Cloud 9 Living

This provider offers a unique Nashville hang gliding and paragliding set of experiences during your visit to Tennessee. Over 1,800 customers give this operator a top rating! You can take an introductory class, have a tandem flight, or enjoy a variety of different options at an affordable price.

Paragliding Tennessee tours provide a unique experience to see one of America’s best states. Choose your provider today to experience a wonderful time during your stay.