Things to Do Between Nashville and Memphis

When people visit Tennessee, they often stop at Nashville and Memphis. These iconic cities produce some incredible barbecue, exciting music, and historical charm.

What gets forgotten when your trip to TN focuses only on Nashville and Memphis? You miss everything found between those two destinations!

If you’re ready to try a fun day trip, take your Aubrey Organics and Sovereign Silver along while you consider adding one of these things to do on your itinerary.

Tennessee Safari Park

This cash-only stop isn’t the cheapest place you’ll find, but it can be a lot of fun to drive through the park. You’ll see camels, deer, zebras, and emus – and several other animals. They know that you’ve got food in your vehicle, so some of them can be a little aggressive over the 5.5-mile excursion. 

You can also take a walk-through hike in the park to visit some reptiles, monkeys, and peacocks.

Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum

About halfway along your journey between Nashville and Memphis is Jackson, TN. You’ll find this fun museum there, letting you see trains from the past, the famous railroader’s home, and a small village. There are a restaurant and an old country store on the grounds for you to enjoy.

Britton Lane Civil War Battlefield

Some of the bloodiest Civil War battles were fought in Tennessee. When you visit Britton Lane, you’ll get to see a restored log cabin that troops used as a hospital during the conflict. Other monuments and wide-open spaces will let you view the war differently, making it a humbling experience.

Cypress Grove Nature Park

This stop is a natural hardwood bottomland. You’ll find over a mile of an elevated boardwalk to explore, along with a pavilion and a raptor center for added features. It’s right off of Highway 70, with a trail that almost anyone can navigate. It does get busy in the afternoon, making an early morning adventure a better choice.

Tennessee’s history, outdoor opportunities, and musical emphasis add plenty of charm to what you’ll find to do between Nashville and Memphis. You’re almost guaranteed to find something incredible!