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Things to Do in Nashville!

Nashville TN is a city of life, love, rich history, country music, and culture. The things to do in Nashville add virtually limitless, what you do there would depend greatly on your taste. However, if you’re a fan of vintage guitars and country music you can always visit the Museum of country music in Nashville.

Nashville is a city filled with life, you’re a fun-loving person the convert weather of places and do a lot of things. That is our focus in this article, We are going to explore things to do in Nashville.

Things to Do in Nashville

The list of things to do in Nashville is endless, however, we are going to discuss some of our favorites:

Take a Stroll or Bike Ride Through the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & Greenway

Are you a fan of nature, do you like rivers, green landscapes, and do you like to take strolls through paths carved in nature? Then a visit to the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center should be at the top of your list of things to do in Nashville.

This place is located about three miles from the city center, you would the Cumberland River in this nature center. The Shelby Bottoms Nature Center and Greenway Is a beautiful nature center that gives you an insight into the beautiful landscape of Nashville. It also provides an opportunity for you to engage in recreational activities outdoor surrounded by nature. Visiting this nature center would give you the opportunity to view artworks and art pieces that reveal the cultural history of the people of Nashville.

The center also gives you the opportunity to hire a bicycle antic ride along with the pathways. If taking a bike ride is not your thing you can also take strolls along the pathways. When you take your stroll or bike ride, you would pass streams, wetlands, fields, and forests this is sure to excite you if you are a lover of adventure, nature, or beauty. The pathways in the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & Greenway are clean, peaceful, and easy to trail. This is definitely a jewel to behold so whenever you’re in Nashville be sure to visit the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & Greenway.

Checking out the Tennessee State Museum

Located a little over one mile from the city center, visiting this museum is definitely something to do in Nashville. There are several things to see at this museum as it showcases the history of Native Americans, the history of the American Civil War, the Natural History of Tennessee and the history of the military.
You can take your kids here because there are several things that are kids friendly such as educational tours for kids. Admission into the museum is free.

Don’t forget to find a security guard and ask them where the “echo chamber” is.

Trying out Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville hot chicken is one of the famous things about Nashville, you should certainly taste it if you’re in Nashville. It is one of our top things to do in Nashville. This is no ordinary chicken, it is fried and served so hot that it could burn your tongue if you eat it immediately, but this is one of the highlights of visiting or moving to Nashville. Hot fried chicken, so good and hot you would wish you never tried it and would never get enough of it. A lot of shops and restaurants make this in Nashville so you do not need special directions to where you can find Nashville hot chicken.

Attent a Nashville Predators Hockey Game

The environment is amazing, the beer is good, and the game is no doubt going to be a blast. You can’t go wrong spending a night in Bridgestone Arena watching the Nashville Predators hit the ice. Plan on losing your voice the next day and not being able to do much talking.


You could do any of the above-discussed things in Nashville, they will definitely be memorable to you. Nashville does not have a short supply of memorable things to do.