Tour of Nashville: 4 Places You Need to Visit

Doesn’t really matter if you are visiting Nashville for the first time or you’ve been here a couple of times or more, it is without a doubt that Nashville is a beautiful place to explore. You get to enjoy a lot of activities such as drinking, eating and so much more without even realizing it. Nashville is a very beautiful destination for not just music lovers but for everyone!

This is why we have made this comprehensive list of places to visit in Nashville and fall in love all over again. These include: 

Radnor Lake

A lot of people think that all they can see from Radnor lake are just old birds and of course birders in this wonderful location. It has an amazing view and miles of paths that range from either flat or challenging. If you are a nature lover, regardless of your age, you can make the most of this amazing scenic beauty.

Radnor lake gives you an opportunity to stretch out and most importantly, socialize and meet people who share the same interest as you. Another benefit you get is that it is an amazing location for a romantic date and one of the best hikes you would have in your life.

Gaylord Opryland Resort

The wonderful Gaylord Opryland Resort is so lovely, you can get lost in it. It presents to you it’s multiple pavilions which span out to acres of land with nothing less than 2,000 guest rooms. You can stroll in this area and meet people, especially during the holidays. You can also take a walk around this resort to admire its utmost beauty. 

 Gallery of Iconic Guitars

Love music, vintage guitars, etc? Well, Belmont university is quite popular for its place in the music world and that includes music business schools in the country. That means it is quite important that they have one of the greatest Avenue for viewing some of the greatest musical instruments ever made. You can view all of this at the Gallery of Iconic Guitars and you can see all kinds of guitars from acoustic guitars, electric guitars, vintage guitars, etc. 

The Batman Building 

Get a chance to visit the tallest building in all of Tennessee. It is the AT&T skyscraper which is mostly referred to as the ”Batman Building” thanks to its resemblance to the dark knight’s mask. At 33 stories high, you are sure to get the best view of the city, so when next you make a trip to Nashville, make the most of it by seeing this wonderful building. 


They are various activities to carry out in Nashville and also a lot of beautiful sceneries to behold. These are our top for but that doesn’t stop you from finding out great places to make the most of your holiday. Some other interesting places to visit include experience printers alley, sightseeing in centennial park, discover all the best cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.