Visit These Amazing Scenic Views in Nashville

Nashville might be famous for is music-based events and attractions, but the city also has a lot more to offer. You can find a wide range of historic architecture, colorful foliage, and beautiful sunsets awaiting your arrival.

Once you go through the various museums, honky-tonks, and musical attractions, you’ll be ready to visit these fantastic scenic views.

Best Scenic Views in Nashville

The Cumberland River serves as the backdrop for many of the incredible scenic views that Nashville offers. The Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge connects the Riverfront and Cumberland Parks, allowing you to enjoy different perspectives of the city.

Then be sure to add these additional ideas to your itinerary. 

1. The State Capitol Building

The State Capitol is a stunning Greek Revival-style building. Some of the best views of it are available at Bicentennial Mall State Park. You can spot it on the hilltop as it gets framed by Nashville’s skyline.

2. Vanderbilt University

This institution provides a stunning campus that receives recognition as a national arboretum. You’ll find plenty of open green spaces and a profusion of trees awaiting your arrival. Don’t forget to stop by the Bicentennial Oak at the university as it predates the Revolutionary War.

3. Centennial Park

This incredible space sits just two miles west of downtown Nashville. It provides over 130 acres for you to explore, including Lake Watauga and its tree-lined shores. Scenic natural trails are available throughout the space, and you can get a great photo of the Parthenon and its famous Athena statue.

4. Radnor Lake

You’ll find a peaceful ambiance awaiting you at this 1,200-acre nature reserve. It offers several unpaved trails for you to explore, which is the perfect way to experience the colors of autumn. The region is a habitat for numerous animals, including lake otters and beavers.

5. Love Circle

It’s a popular spot for couples that sits on top of one of the highest points in the city. This small recreational area lets you see Nashville’s skyline in a unique way. The contrast between historic and modern architecture is on full display. If you plan to stop by in July, then this place is a fantastic way to view the fireworks on Independence Day.

Once the sun goes down in Nashville, then it is time to enjoy the evening views and classic tunes found in the city. Taking a tour of the old town by trolley is a wonderful experience. You can enjoy a drink, meet new friends, and experience the history of this community. If you are looking for a place to stay, check out our list about the six best hotels!