What Are the Tallest Buildings in Nashville?

The Nashville skyline is one of the most beautiful that you’ll find in the United States. Although it doesn’t have the iconic towers that you’ll find in Manhattan, Chicago, or Los Angeles, the city holds its own with some of the tallest buildings in the region.

As of February 2020, over 140 complete high-rise buildings were part of Nashville. A total of 20 were completed within the past 36 months. Another 20 are already under construction, with 15 approved and 25 more proposed.

Here are the places where you can get one of the best views of Nashville.

List of the Tallest Buildings in Nashville

1. AT&T Building

It was previously named the BellSouth building. This skyscraper rises to 617 feet high, providing 33 floors of office space. It was built in 1994 and is currently the tallest building in Tennessee.

2. The 505

This building stands at 522 feet, providing 46 floors of residential space for consumers to use. It was completed in 2018, and the skyscraper currently holds the record for being the tallest non-commercial building in the state. 

3. Fifth Third Center

Formerly known as the Third National Financial Center, this office skyscraper stands 490 feet tall. It offers 31 floors for service, and the building has been part of Nashville’s skyline since 1986.

4. The Bridgestone Tower

This building was completed in only two years. It serves as the headquarters of Bridgestone Americas, providing 30 floors of space for the tire and automotive equipment manufacturer. It stands 460 feet tall.

5. William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower

This building is the tallest of the additions to the Nashville skyline that happened in the 1970s. Originally called the National Life Center, it is 452 feet tall, providing 31 floors of office space to use.

6. The Place at Fifth and Broadway

This residential complex is the tallest for-rent residential building in Tennessee as of 2020. It is 433 feet tall, offering 34 floors of homes to enjoy. Construction on this structure was completed in 2019.

7. The L&C Tower

The Life and Casualty Tower is one of the originals in Nashville, built in 1957. It stands 409 feet tall, making it a top-10 skyline addition to this day. It offers 30 floors of office space to use.

If completed, the Paramount Tower at 600 Church Street would become the tallest building in Nashville in 2022. The plans have it standing at 750 feet.