You Probably Didn’t Know These Secret Places in Nashville Existed

Nashville sees plenty of visitors each weekend who come for the music, honky-tonks, and museums. You can’t go wrong with a basket of hot chicken waiting for you after a long day of exploration!

What you may not know about are the secret places in Nashville that locals adore. When you’re willing to step away from the glitz of tourist traps, you’ll discover an entirely different world to explore.

Here are the best stops to add to your next Nashville itinerary.

Best Places to Visit in Nashville

1. The Pedal Taverns

Plenty of people head down to Broadway to experience the atmosphere that Nashville offers. What you don’t always get to see are the pedal taverns that head up and down the street. These bar wagons give you 15 minutes of fame as you leisurely enjoy an evening with your closest friends, a dedicated bartender, and a driver who pulls double-duty as the DJ.

2. Love Circle

The best view of the Nashville skyline is in a residential neighborhood near Vanderbilt University. Bring a blanket, your picnic basket, and some good company to enjoy the fantastic view. It’s one of the best places in the city to catch a sunset – and most tourists don’t know about the spot yet.

3. RCA Studio B

Another one of the secret places in Nashville to explore is where Elvis Presley did some recording. Over 200 songs came out of this studio, including his first holiday album. Since he was recording the music in July, Elvis asked the staff to decorate the place for Christmas and increase the air conditioning. You can still see the decorations up with a visit.

4. 12 South

This neighborhood is a little out of the way of a downtown Nashville experience, but it is worth the effort for a visit. The artwork here is incredible, with murals almost everywhere you look. Several restaurants let you explore the local culture, then head town 12 Ave South to The Gulch to see the famous angel wings.

5. Hermitage Bathroom

The art-deco bathroom at the Hermitage Hotel is remarkable. Although it was initially a men’s room, it is now open to the public to explore. The black and green wall tiles, shoe-shining station, and terrazzo floor make a stunning stop. It frequently won the award of being the best bathroom in the United States.

The secret places in Nashville open a world of opportunities when you want to explore the city. Which stop will you want to see first?
Make sure not to skip the Parthenon!